Terms of Service

Welcome to WebAstire. These terms of service outline the rules and regulations of WebAstire website. We consider you to accept these terms and conditions by accessing this website. If you don’t agree with these terms and conditions, please don’t continue to use our website.

The following are the terminologies included in the terms and conditions of WebAstire.


Once a client visits the website, it becomes easy for him for every next visit as it adds cookies.


Intellectual property rights on each website are reserved. One shouldn’t publish, sell or rent material directly from WebAstire; moreover, neither should one plagiarize and redistribute the material. Well, one can post and exchange material and perspectives. WebAstire doesn’t filter, edit, and review comments that reflect one’s views and perspectives. WebAstire also removes and reports any comment that is against their policy. As long as your comment doesn’t invade anyone’s property right and doesn’t contain any defamatory or offensive material. One must have a license from WebAstire to reproduce, modify and authorize any comment or content.

Hyperlinking to Content

News organizations, search engines, government agencies, and any directory distributor may contribute to the WebAstire website without permission. These organizations may link to the homepage to publish, as long as the link is not fraud and doesn’t imply one’s sponsorship or approval of the linking website.

Commonly known consumer, business information sources, dot.com community sites, associations representing charities, online directory distribution, internal portals, accounting firms, law firms, and educational associations are the websites one should get approved before. The organizations shouldn’t promote accredited businesses, negativity, and thus be in the context of general source information. The link shouldn’t be deceptive and should fit the website’s conditions.

One should email WebAstire first handily before linking to the WebAstire website. One must include one’s name, organization name, contact information with the URL link of the website, a list of any URLs from which one’s website is linked, and a list of URLs on the WebAstire website one desires to link with. WebAstire response is usually two weeks. Approved websites can use WebAstire hyperlink by using its corporate name, by using a uniform resource locator being linked to, and by using any other description of a specific context.


Without getting approved and having permission, one cannot create frames in WebAstire web pages that alter its visual appearance.

Content Liability

No link should be on the WebAstire website obscene or violates any third-party rights.

Reservation of Rights

One must follow the Reservations that WebAstire has introduced, and one’s own website’s right can’t be exploited.

Removal of links

If any link of yours is being removed from WebAstire website, you are free to contact by email as WebAstire will eventually consider your request. One should only upload correct and authentic information, plus up to date.